BMS - Vakgroep HTSR (EN)

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UT spin-off: Unlocking the value of biomedical innovations

HTSR, as a department of the innovative University of Twente, performs applied fundamental research. Fundamentally methodological research leads to development of tools that can be applied for analysis of medical and healthcare technology in various sections of healthcare.


The department advances translational research by collaborating nationally and internationally

with strong research institutes and universities working on similar topics. The collaboration covers structural research and student and faculty exchange.

HTSR has established structural national collaborations with a few important institutes, including:

  • EUREGIO trauma center (all emergency health care)
  • the National Institute for Primary Care (NIVEL)
  • the National Institute for Public Health & Environment (RIVM)
  • MENZIS health insurance company.

The HTSR strategy is to build strong relations with top institutes and to create shared appointments. Among these institutes within the Netherlands are:

  • the NKI-AVL and IKNO (comprehensive cancer center)
  • Medisch Spectrum Twente
  • University Medical Center Nijmegen
  • University Medical Center Groningen.

At the international level, HTSR collaborates with:

  • the SydDansk University of Southern Denmark
  • CRP-Santé in Luxembourg
  • the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health in Baltimore
  • the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle

The department is also involved in ISPOR taskforces (topics Conjoint Analysis Statistical Analysis Results & Conclusions, Good Research Practices, Simulation Modeling Applications in Health Care Delivery Research, Emerging Good Practices)

Ongoing projects