Jorien Pierik
PhD Student

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Jorien Pierik started studying Life Science and Technology at the University of Groningen. In 2010, she received her Master of Science degree in Medical Pharmaceutical Science. Since September 2010 Jorien started her PhD at the department Health Technology and Services Research of the University of Twente.


Pain is one of the primary complaints of patients in the emergency medical service. The adverse effects of acute pain are associated with significant morbidity and mortality. Some patients will develop chronic pain. Unrelieved chronic pain represents a major problem for individual patients and is a socio-economic burden for health services and the community at large. Unrelieved chronic pain may lead to depression, psychological dysfunction, and prolonged disability and dependency on drugs. It leads to significant overuse of medical services and increased costs to the taxpayer through social security payments and unemployment. Multiple determinants are responsible for developing this chronic pain. Early detection of risk factors and appropriate preventive strategies are necessary to avoid these consequences of chronic pain.

The goal of Jorien’s research is to improve the identification of emergency care patients at high risk for chronic pain after (a specific) trauma or injury and subsequently to develop an intervention to prevent chronic pain. Additionally, health care utilization and costs involved with acute and chronic pain and costs associated with preventive intervention will be evaluated.


2003-2007 Bachelor in Life Science and Technology with major in Molecular Physiology and Pharmacology at the University of Groningen

2007-2010 Master in Medical Pharmaceutical Science (Management and Policy variant) at the University of Groningen


2010 – Present PhD project at the department of Health Technology & Services Research, University of Twente about the prognosis and health care utilization following pain in acute medical care patients

2009 Internship at GlaxoSmithKline, The Netherlands, about the evaluation of a tetravalent measles mumps rubella varicella (MMRV) vaccine with special interest to the epidemiological characteristics and societal burden of varicella-zoster virus in the Netherlands

2008 Internship at the department of Clinical Pharmacology, University Medical Center Groningen about gene therapy; the therapeutic potential of Relaxin in renal ischemia/reperfusion injury.

2007 Internship at the department of Pathology, University Medical Center Groningen about B cell internalization and signalling in Mantle Cell Lymphoma.