Prof.dr. T. (Tanya) Bondarouk
Areas of expertise
E-HRM implementations & Human Resource Information Systems
Innovating the HRM function
HRM frames
Global Talent Management
Research methodology, qualitative research & discourse (text) analysis


Dr. A.C. (Anna Christina) Bos-Nehles
Areas of expertise
HRM implementation effectiveness
The role of line managers in HRM
Innovative HRM and employee behavior
HRM perceptions

Emeritus Prof.dr. J.C. (Jan Kees) Looise
Areas of expertise
Deliberate changes in employment relations systems at national & regional level
HRM systems and their effects on performance, especially the innovation capacity

Dr. J.G. (Jeroen) Meijerink, MSc
Areas of expertise
HRM shared services
Employee agency in employee-organization relationships
Co-creation of HRM by employees
Service-dominant logic J. (Jan) de Leede
Areas of expertise
Job & organization design
Labour flexibility & working times
HRM & New Ways of Working
Team-based work


Gregory Jemine
Areas of expertise
Modernization/NWoW projects
Organizational sociology
Digitalization processes

Neil Semuel Rupidara
Areas of expertise
HR systems in multinational companies
Diffusion & adoption of managerial models and practices, particularly in HRM
Institutional aspects in industrial relations & HRM
History & development of professions, particularly HR/IR professionalization
Intellectual capital & organizational performance
Organizational change & leadership

Prof.dr. S. (Silvia) Profili
Areas of expertise
Impact of HRM practices on employee performance
Employees' engagement and commitment at work
Organizational implications of age diversity and aging
Health care management

Prof.dr. A. (Alessia) Sammarra
Areas of expertise
HRM impact on employee work behaviour and performance
Organizational implications of age diversity and aging
Organizational identification
Innovation networks

Dr. J. (Jordi) Trúllen
Areas of expertise
Implementation of HR practices
Employees’ attitudes towards HR practices
Comparative and international HRM
Management of older workers
Workplace authenticity

Areas of expertise
Competences for commercial diplomacy & international business
Competences for international business diplomacy & multi-stakeholder management
Competences for international entrepreneurship in fragile states


L.D. (Luuk) Collou
Areas of expertise
HRM configurations
HRM & serious gaming

H.J. (Henk Jan) van Essen
Areas of expertise
Self-organisation and Socio Technics
Human behaviour
Process and project management

M.M.P. (Milou) Habraken
Areas of expertise
Smart Industry
HRM & innovation

Sri Herawati
Areas of expertise
Electronic Human Resource Management
Information Management and Systems

M. (Milana) Korotka MSc
Areas of expertise
HRM configurations & innovative performance
Global Talent Management & technologies
Employee-driven innovation
HRM, technologies & innovation

M. (Marco) Maatman, MSc
Areas of expertise
Dynamic capabilities of HR Shared Service Centers
Sourcing solutions in the HRM field
Technological support for HRM sourcing solutions

J. (Jorrit) van Mierlo MSc
Areas of expertise
Organizational Design
HRM innovations

M. (Maarten) Renkema MSc
Areas of expertise
Innovation & technology management
HRM & innovation
Innovative/entrepreneurial employee behavior

Support staff

M.C. (Marie-Christine) Prédéry

J.M. (Jeannette) Visser-Groeneveld