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Key-note address of Tanya Bondarouk at the CIPD-HKBU International Symposium 2020 (5 June 2020) - The Changing Contours of Work “Where Technology will Transform the Practice of People Management”

Digital technologies have been interfering in our working life since decades. But the latest developments are perceived by many to be extremely disruptive. Big Data and HR Analytics, Digital Talent Management and Servitization of HRM,  robotization and machine learning in HR practices… A number of software vendors that entered the HRM market has histrionically reached its pick. I will argue that despite of these technological advancements, but maybe – thanks to them, we have witnessed that digitalization of business and HRM is not about technique. The pandemic has taught us a great deal that the human side of any digitalization of work will stay of paramount importance of any business. Finding people has never been easier because of technique, but recruiting right ones has never been harder. E-learning has never been so widely-adopted, but earning long waited interdisciplinary competencies has ever been more difficult. It is today, more important than ever, business leaders need to realise that digital transformation should be guided by the broader business strategy, and HRM decisions should not be limited to data-driven decisions but focus on the “3C-decision model”: based on Consensus, Context, Confidence.