International collaboration

International collaborations have been established in both research projects and teaching, and to a different extent in the joint supervision of PhD projects:

•Business School, Nottingham Trent University (UK), contact: Prof. Dr. Carole Tansley

•School of Management and Labor Relations, Rutgers University (New Jersey, USA), contact: Prof. Dr. Dave Lepak and D. Professor Randall Schuler

•Management Information Systems department, Saarland University (Germany), contact: Prof. Dr. Stefan Strohmeier

•Clarion University of Pennsylvania (USA)  Contact: Prof. Dr. Miguel Olivas-Luijan

•The Management Centre, King's College, University of London, (U.K.), contact: Prof. David Guest

•Institut für Organisation und Lernen, University of Innsbruck (Austria), contact: Julia Brandl

•Department of Management, University of Vaasa (Finland), contact: Prof. Dr. Adam Smale

•Faculty of Economics and Management, Universita’ Cattolica del SacroCuore (Milan, Italy), contact: Prof. Dr. Barbara Imperatori

•School of Management, University at Albany (NY, USA), contact: Prof. Dr. Janet Marler

•Novancia Business School, Paris, contact: Prof. Dr. Catherine De Géry.