High Tech Talent Management in a Global Context

BRAND NEW MINOR 15 EC – Module 10

These days everyone has at least, once heard about Talent Management… Connecting talent with opportunities in a digital world! Human talent is the key source of innovation! Indeed, attracting, developing and retaining human talent is essential for organisations (profit- and non-profit, big and small) to be successful in today’s global economy.

Although it is a hot topic in the business life today, we discovered that talent management is a challenge to many organizations, and that research into talent management is relatively still in its infancy. In this 15 EC course we will together seek to answer such questions as what are effective talent management practices and strategies? To what extent is talent management culture sensitive? How can technology enable talent management? How are organizational characteristics such as size, type of industry, international or not, linked to talent management practices and strategies? How can organizations deal with talent migration?

Join this minor and experience the real life design of a “talent management tool” for assessment, recruitment, selection, development, or retaining of talent.

Contact: Milou Habraken