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Opinions of our graduates

Sija Yan
BSc IBA graduate
“I think Finance is important to all businesses. Start-ups need to know how to raise capital ef ciently. A global business needs to understand the impact of exchange rate movements. To me Accounting and Finance are two very practical and useful subjects. Learning these subjects helps me to become an analytical and critically thinking person.”
Eva Warnaar
MSc BA graduate
“Finance to me is the basis for business administration, because whatever you want to do or achieve in a firm, you always need to be able to understand a balance sheet. Corporate finance is the core for business!”

Jeroen Meijer
MSc BA graduate
“To me, Financial Management provides the insights to successfully find & secure new investment opportunities in a fast changing economic & technological environment. Knowledge about risk and return is indispensable for every successful corporate manager.”

Damian Tomschik
BSc IBA graduate
“Nowadays, Finance & Accounting play a fundamental role in the management of any business due to the wide variety of investment opportunities and the continuous development of debt/equity markets. I highly recommend this specialization as it discusses various relevant topics”