The Education and Examination Regulation (EER) of the faculty BMS states the conditions with regard to knowledge, insight and skills for students to obtain a degree, rules regarding education and examinations, and the tasks and competences of the examination boards.
One of the tasks of the examination boards of BMS is to set up Rules and Regulations (R&R) on how to execute the requirements and powers from the EER.
When making a request to the examination board you need both the information in the EER and the R&R.

Education and Examination Regulation

The current EER and archives of the EER's of past years (of BMS and the former faculties of MG/MB and BS/GW) can be found on the Faculty website.

The EER is part of the Students' Charter of the UT. The institutional section (applying to all UT students) can be found on the CES website.

Rules and Regulations of the Examination boards

The R&R of the examination boards of BMS are found below (the R&R 2016-2017 is still under construction). Older versions are filed on the regulations page of the faculty website.