Submit a request (for students)

Postpone declaration of examination

Postpone declaring the examination as 'succesfully completed' (postpone certificate)

A student who is entitled to receive the diploma (degree) can sumbit a request at the Examination Board to postpone. The Examination Board decided that a student has to make the request before finishing the last course. Besides this a motivated reqest must be made inwich the student makes clear the reason(s) for postponement and the periode he/she likes to postpone. The period of postponement may not pass the term of one (1) year.

A request need to be completed with a study progress overview.


a. Receipt request student (incl. period of postponement)

b. Stopping procedure of diplomacy making by CES

c. Checking request student

d. Approve/reject of request (incl. maximum period of postponement)

e. If requested, the student can end the postponement earlier

f. Starting procedure of diplomacy making by CES

g. Handing over the diploma to the student at the agreed date

Students can submit the motivated request by web-application-form regaring the provisions stated above.