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Minor, electives and prerequisites

There are a few subjects for which the examination board has given a mandate to the programmes to decide. For those subjects you cannot submit a request to the examination board.

This concerns:

Minor (BSc) - The programme decides on approval or disapproval of the courses in the minor, for example when you want to do your minor at another university. Please visit the major minor website  of the UT for the rules that apply to choosing a minor.

Electives - For the programmes TBK, IEM, IBA, BA, M-COM, EST and MPS elective courses that are not prescribed in the Programme Specific Appendix must be approved by the programme. This also applies for requests to follow additional courses.

Prerequisites (starting B2/M2 courses or bachelor or master thesis) - The programmes have been given a mandate to decide whether or not you may start B2/M2 courses or your thesis if you don't meet the prerequisites that are described in the Programme Specific Appendix of your programme.

Students always need to discuss these matters with their study advisor.