Submit a request (for students)

Submit a request (for students)

Minor or electives (flexible programme)

The statutory powers of the Examination Committee of a degree programme apply to all units of study that form part of the student's degree programme. This applies to the core programme of 120EC and the graduation phase totaling 30EC.

The Programme therefor decides on the subject of minor or flexible programmes. General information on minors or the flexible programme can be found at the website: In most cases the flexible programme can be attended in the first semester of the thirth bachelor year.

To take part in a minor the student must fulfill stated conditions on the number of EC's that has to be gained of his/her Programme. This number can diver per Programme. Information on this subject can be found at the website of the student's Programme.

The Programmes agreed that if students like to follow an Exchange minor (foreign or another university or an individual programme) they have to submit a request at the Examination Board.

If a student needs more information or has questions on a minor programme they like to attain s/he should contact the study counselor or the minor coordinator of their Programme. A student must fill out the minor Exchange form, they can download here.

Students can submit the request for an Exchange minor per web-application-form.

The student must complete the motivated request with a study progress overview, an advice of the study counselor, the minor Exchangeform.