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Language master thesis

Language Master thesis


In the master EER (art. 3.3 paragraph 1b) is stated that the master thesis must be written in English but that the Examination Board can deviate from this. In the R&R (art. 3.14) is stated that “In case writing the final thesis in English is infeasible or impracticable considering the research subject or the organization under research, the examination board may allow for a deviation of this rule. Permission to write the thesis in Dutch will only be granted on the condition that the student also writes an English summary of 3000 words, based on the thesis and the thesis work. To establish the final grade, both the thesis and the English summary will be subject to assessment.

The student can submit a written motivated request at the website of the Examination Board per web-application.

The request should preferably be submitted before the start of the graduation project.

The request should be completed with the following information: 1) an explicit permission of the supervisor(s) and/or the graduating organization, 2) a study progress overview (from Osiris).