Submit a request (for students)

Free Bachelor programme

Allowing a student to follow a Free Bachlor programme Verlenen (WHW art. 7.12b paragraph 1c and art. 7.3d; Bachelor OER art. 3.5, Master OER art. 3.5)

The Examination Board determend that if a student likes to compose a Free Bachelor Porgramme he/she always has to discusse this with the Programme (coordinator or study counselor) and fulfill the following aims.

-      The composed Free Programme needs to have a well argued cohesion, related to the aimed thesis. -      The student should be able to discusse in what way he/she can fulfill the aimed targets of the courses/moduls of his/her choise within this free programme. The programme needs to get approval of the involved programmes.

-       The student has to find a supervisor on his own.

-      The student needs to motivate in the request why this free programme is relavant to him/her. 

If a student likes to compose a free bachelor he/she can submit a request at the Examination Board via the web-application-form. The student needs to regard the stated above.