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EER BSc art. 4.1

10) If a student fails to complete a module during the current academic year by passing the relevant exam, then the student may participate in the module once again in the following academic year (as long as the student is enrolled). In some cases, it is possible to carry over test results for specific modules to the next academic year. The programme-specific part of these Regulations specifies the tests to which this provision applies, along with any applicable conditions. If modules are shared by multiple degree programmes, than the specific exceptions are to be identical for all programmes.


EER BSc art. 8.7

Hardship Clause

The Examination Board or the Programme Board may allow derogation from the provisions of these Regulations in the event of demonstrably compelling unreasonableness or unfairness.


EER MSc art. 4.5
1) Each year, two separate opportunities are offered for taking a written or oral exam associated with a specific unit of study.

2) Practical exercises can be completed at least once per year.

a) Units of study and their exams can be offered more than once per academic year. In these cases students may participate in the exams at a maximum of two occasions.

b) There is in any case at least one opportunity to sit an exam at the end of the period in which the applicable unit of study had been taught.

4) In certain individual cases the Examination Board can deviate from the number of times and the manner in which exams can be taken.

2 different situations

The examination board distinguishes two situations when it comes to requests for an extra exam/test opportunity:

  1. When you fail a (part of) a unit of study because of personal circumstances you can submit a request to the examination board for an extra exam/test opportunity. In most cases this will be the regular test opportunity in the next academic year. If the examination board grants your request it will also extend the validity of obtained positive test results of that unit of study, so that you don't have to redo the entire module.
    Some programmes already have stated in their programme specific appendix that for some modules positive test results are carried over to the next academic year (see EER art. 4.1 par. 10). For those modules you don't need the permission of the examination board for an extra exam opportunity and extension of validity. 
  2. When you have finished your studies except for one test/exam, and waiting for the first regular exam opportunity for that unit of study will cause serious and unreasonable delay in graduating, you can submit a request to the examination board for an extra exam or test opportunity. You have to meet a number of conditions:
    a) you have specific personal circumstances that caused you not to pass the test until now. Your study advisor needs to know about these circumstances;
    b) you sat the exam or test at least (if possible) two times and attained a score of at least 4.0, or, in TEM, you attained all the other parts of the module and scored at least a 4.0;
    c) the next official exam/test opportunity will not be within the following six months;
    d) you do not meet the fail-pass rules according to the module.
    In these cases the examination board will assess the request and decide whether the student is granted an individual extra exam/test opportunity within a specific period.


The following should be included in your request:

  • If you have circumstances that you believe justify an extra exam/test opportunity, you must mention these circumstances. You must have informed your study advisor about these circumstances beforehand. In case it concerns personal circumstances that you don’t wish to share in detail, like illness or family reasons, a statement from your study advisor will be enough.
  • A detailed study progress overview
  • The statement from your study advisor (only for examination board MS)
  • If you mention fail-pass rules from a specific module or transitional arrangements please upload them with your request.

Check the meeting schedule of the examination boards for the deadline for submitting your request.

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