Extend validity of results


Higher Education and Research Act (WHW) art. 7.13 par. 2k


EER BSc art. 4.7

1)The period of validity of a completed exam is unlimited. A period of validity can only be restricted if the knowledge, insight, or skills of the student, as well as the assessment of the results of that investigation is demonstrable out of date.

2) The validity of results of module components are defined in the programme specific appendices. The examination board will determine a transitional arrangement for a module in case of a major change in the design of the module and its components.


EER MSc art. 4.8

1) The validity of a result of a Unit of Study has no limitation. In case the examined knowledge, understanding or skills are demonstrable out of date, the programme board can set restrictions on the period of validity of the said unit of study.

2) Test results are only valid in the academic year in which they were obtained. At the request of the student, the examination board can extend this period in individual cases.

3) Exceptions on paragraph 1 and 2 are specified in the programme specific appendix.

Validity of module components or test results

For the validity of module components or tests see the Programme Specific Appendix of your programme. If applicable the examination board can extend the validity of module components or tests on individual basis. 

The request has to be submitted latest 6 weeks* before the start of the unit of study in order to receive a decision before the start of the unit of study.
If a request for an exemption is received by the Examination Board within six weeks before the start of or during the study unit, the decision will be postponed until after completion of the unit of study.
The student is strongly advised to participate in the unit of study and must in principle take part in the (next) regular scheduled exam/test pending the decision.

*The 6-week period is set because of the response time for the Examination Board, to prevent unnecessary disturbance of units of study such as the falling apart of working groups during a unit of study (in several parts of the unit of study) due to the withdrawal of a student.

When you submit a request to the examination board add the following information:

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