Granting exemptions for one or more examinations or tests and practical exercises (WHW art. 7.12b paragraph 1d & WHW art. 7.13 paragraph 2r and t)

Granting exemptions handles a few different subjects. These subjects are stated in art 3.4 of the Bachelor and Master EER and are reproduced below.

1) The Examination Board can allow a student at his request exemptions for one or more study units (Bachelor en Master EER art. 3.4). If a unit of study/module contains several parts the exemption can be granted for the test of that part of the unit of study/module.

2) The examination Board can grant, at a students request, an exemption for one or more study units according to demonstrated achieved knowledge or skills in or outside higher education. (Bachelor and Master EER 3.4).

3) The Examination Board can grant a student an exemption of the obligation to take part in a practical exercise if the student can make acceptable that he/she will experience self-reproof if they have to take part in the practical exercise. The Examination Board will determine, in consultation with the examiner of the Unit of Study, in what other way the student can fulfill the aims of the course. (Bachelor OER art 3.4 lid 2, Master OER art. 3.4 lid 2).

The student has to fill out the Exemption form and complete it with formal pieces of evidence (diploma, literature, information on achieved competences/skills). The student has to contact (make an appointment) the examiner of the unit of study to get approval (signature examiner) that he/she demonstrated the achieved knowledge or skills. If a student wants an exemption on part of a module the module coordinator also needs to give approval bij signing the exemption form. If the student has problems filling out the Exemption form he/she can contact the study counselor.

The student can submit a motivated request per web-application-form. The following pieces of evidence should be added. The complete filled out Exemption form (including signatures), the motivated request, a study progress overview.

The examination Board judges, based on the information and motivation of the examiner, if the student has demonstrated the necessary knowledge or skills to grant the student the exemption .