Cum laude (OER art. 5.4 lid 4, R&R art. 3.9)

Rules on Cum Laude have been determined per Programme. They can be found in the programme specific appendices of the EER. There are specific rules for Bachelor and Master education. A student needs to take this into account when submitting the request. The Examination Board will check if the student fulfills the demands stated. If the judicum Cum Laude can be granted this will be stated on the certificate.

If a student does not fulfill all the specific rules, but thinks that there are reasons to graduate Cum Laude anyway, the student, the first examiner, the Programme Director or a study counselor can sumbit a request. This request needs to be argued and motivated for the specific and exceptional circumstances of the students achievement.

A request can be submitted via the web-application-form.

The motivated request of the student should contain a study progress overview and a support letter of the study counselor or first examiner.