Cum Laude, Graduation with Distinction


EER BSc art. 5.5 – EER MSc art. 5.5

Information about graduating with distinction can be found in the relevant Programme Specific Appendices.  


The conditions for graduating with distinction (Cum Laude) have been determined for every programme separately. They can be found in the Programme Specific Appendices of the EER. There are specific rules for Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes. The examination board checks if the student meets all the conditions the educational programme states. If Cum Laude can be granted this will be stated on the certificate and the supplement.

If a student does not fulfill all the specific conditions, but nevertheless thinks that he qualifies for Cum Laude, a request can be submitted to the examination board. The specific and exceptional abilities and circumstances of the student’s achievement must be motivated in the request.

The following should be included in your request:

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