Submit a request (for students)

Changing confidentiality of thesis

Changing confidentiality thesis (Bachelor EER art. 4.1 paragraph 2a, Master EER art. 4.1 paragraph 3)

The Examination Board can allow in specific circumstances deviation from the public nature of the thesis.

The Examination Board only has to decide on this deviation in case the whole thesis has to be confidential or in case of a temporarily confidentiality. If the thesis will be confidential the student has to submit a public summary of at least 3000 words. In case of temporarily confidentiality the student can to submit a public summary of the abstract of the thesis. The first supervisor has to judge this.

A request for changing the confidentiality of the thesis should be submitted as soon as possible after the start of the graduation project

If part of a thesis is confidential, this part can be concluded as a confidential appendix. The public part and the confidential part both will be registered in the Repository.

A thesis can be registered anonymously in the Repository. Condition to do so is that the thesis needs to be readable. The first supervisor has to judge this.

All theses, confidential theses and appendices will always be accessible for the supervisors (or Programme Director), the Examination Board and the Accreditation Committee.

The student can, if a thesis must be completely confidential, submit a written motivated request at the website of the Examination Board.

If a student must deviate from the public archiving of a thesis he/she can submit a request to the Examination Board per web-application-form.

To complete the request the student must ad an approval of the graduation supervisor and the involved organisation and a study progress overview (Osiris). After graduation of the student the Examination Board will only handle requests to change to confidential archiving unless the study Programme approves the request of the student.