Submit a request (for students)

Submit a request (for students)

According to the Act (WHW) the Examination Board has the authority to deviate, in specific circumstances, from the stated rules in the Education and Examination Regulation (EER).

Students can submit a motivated request at the Examination Board.

A written request needs to be handed in timely (via a web-application-form) and equipped with all necessary appendices. Request which are not complete cannot be accepted and dealt with by the Examination Board.

The Examination Board BMS will start its activities per 1 September 2015.

The Examination Board has four sub-committees where all the request of the students will be dealt with. These sub-committees are BS – Behavioural Sciences, MS – Management Sciences, GS – Governance Sciences and BO – Special Programmes. The meetings for all these sub-committees have been planned. The Examination Board BMS has al monthly system to deal with and decide on request.

1st week – submission request student

2nd week – discussion in sub-committees, (decisions)

3rd week – if necessary discussion in DB

4rd week – decisions

A week before the meeting of a sub-committee a written and motivated request of a student should be submitted (equipped with all the necessary information and documentation). Request which are not submitted in time will be dealt with in the next sub-committee meeting. All request have to be equipped with a study progress overview (Osiris). The study counselor will be contacted by Registry for his/her advice and if necessary the study counselor can also inform the board during its meetings. If further information is required to discuss the request, this is mentioned on the web site of the Examination Board. After discussion in the sub-committee the students will be informed (written, by mail) of the decision of the Examination Board.

If no decision can be made in the sub-committee because of a request concerning a Faculty wide jurisdiction the request will be handled in the Daily Management meeting. In this meeting the request will be discussed and decided on for the jurisdicted consequences of the decision to be made. After discussion in the Daily Management students will be informed (written, by mail) on the decision of the Examination Board.

The examination Board can ask for advice on specific request by specialized employees like the Programme Manager, examiners and student counselors.

Topics students can submit a request:

Cum Laude

Extra opportunity examination / extra participation in a repair moment in case of circumstances

Postpone declaration of examination

Extending period of validity examination or test results or parts of examinations

Changing confidentiality of thesis


Free Bachelor Programme

Free Master Programme


Changing format examination