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Starting Bachelor or Master thesis


EER BSc art. 3.2

2) In addition to a core programme of up to 120 credits, students also take minors totalling at least 30 credits and they complete a graduation phase of a total of 30 credits.

i) Generally speaking, the second semester of the third year of studies is devoted to the graduation phase (which comprises 30 credits).

j) The student is to complete the core of the Bachelor’s programme prior to embarking on the graduation phase.

EER MSc art 3.2

3) The programme is described in the Programme Specific Appendices. The items described includes: required sequence of exams: whether or not passing certain exams is a condition for admission to participation in teaching activities or other exams.

When a student does not meet the criteria, but nevertheless wants to be allowed to start, he must contact the programme management. The examination board has given a mandate to the programme director to judge requests from students in this matter.


If there are any restrictions on confidentiality (data collection, confidential information of the organisation) executing/making the thesis, these restrictions should be registered before the start of the graduation phase, in the graduation contract of the programme. There are different ways to deal with restrictions on confidentiality. The basic principle is that all theses are public. Fully confidential theses are allowed very rarely and approval of the examination board is necessary (see 'Confidential thesis').