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Regulation guide for examiners and supervisors

Regulations for examiners

This regulation is a derrivative of the instruction the Executive Board handed to the Examination Board on Order, calamities and fraud. The Examination Board adjusted this instruction for the Faculty BMS. Below you can download the Regulation and take it with you to the examinations you have to supervise.

It is important that you as examiner are present at least 15 minutes befor the examination. The supervisor from Randstad will be present at that time also. You are in charge during the examination.

Before the start of the examination please clarify to the students that the following rules have to be acted upon.

- Clearly state the duration time of the examination

- Bags and coats must be placed in front of the room, and mobile phones should be switched off and placed in the front of the room in the bag or coat

- Students have to identify (student card or certified ID) themselfs, checks can be made with the registration- or presentation list

 - In the first 30 minutes nobody is allowed to leave the room, not even to visit the toilet. After this a brief bathroom visit is allowed if approved by the supervisor. If possible, the student will be escorted by a supervisor

- Students are not allowed to communicate directly or indirectly with each other and may not cheat. If a student is caugt committing fraud the examination can be taken away and the Examination Board must be informed

- If a calamity occurs, the examination and all other papers should stay on the table in the room and the students must leave the room following the instructions. The examination will not be finished afterwards but will be taken away

Download full version:

Regulation guide for examiners (english version)

Regulation guide for examiners (handleiding voor surveillanten, dutch version)