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Changing Exam format

Changing exam format

Changing the exam format is possible for:

1) Changing the exam format by an examiner (for instance because of a change of format with reference to the format stated in the programme specific appendices or because the unit of study changed). (See EER Bachelor art. 4.4 paragraph 6 and Master art. 4.5 paragraph 4).

2) Changing the publicity of an oral examination. (See EER Bachelor art. 4.5 and Master art. 4.6).

Tot make a change of the exam format possible the permission of the Examination Board is requested.

A change of format can take place at request of an examiner or a student.

If a student makes a request for a change of format it always needs to be on specific extraordinary personal circumstances. The request will always be dealt with after discussion with the examiner of the course or the module coordinator.

If the change is on request of an examiner mostly it will be in cördination with the Programme. The Examination Board in in this case can be informed in the next meeting.