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change format of exams-tests

Extensive information about changing the public nature of oral tests or exams, or the format of tests or exams can be found on the page for students 'Submit a request'.

For examiners the following rules are also relevant:

EER BSc art. 4.4 Module description & Assessment scheme

6) The programme board may modify the assessment schedule during the course of the study unit.
a) The assessment schedule may only be changed in consultation with the module coordinator upon the recommendation of the examinations board. Students are to be informed immediately of the change.

b) If the change involves nothing more than moving tests or test components to a timeslot other than as shown in the schedule, it will be sufficient if the module coordinator consults with the programme board. Students are to be informed immediately of the change. The programme board must inform the examination board of the decision to make the change at the next examination meeting. 

7) Changes to the assessment schedule may not put students at an unreasonable disadvantage. 

8) The examination board can in specific individual cases affect special arrangements regarding assesment.

EER MSc art. 4.5 Tests

4) In exceptional individual cases, the examination board may deviate from the number of times and the manner in which exams can be taken.