Examination boards BMS

The 4 examination boards

Four examination boards

The Faculty of BMS has four examination boards that each represent a group of specific educational programmes. In the boards there are members for each indivdual programme. The WHW states that at least one member must be appointed that is not associated with one of the programmes represented in the board. The composition of the four boards you will find below.

The examination boards of BMS are supported by the registry.

Monthly cycle

week 4 of every month:

deadline for students for sending in requests

week 1 of every month:

registry sends all requests and documents to the boards

week 2 of every month:

decisions on requests in examination boards meetings

week 3 of every month:

decisions are sent to students

For all dates and deadlines, see the meeting schedule 

Examination board for Behavioural Sciences (BS)  



BSc Communication Studies (CW)

dr. Joris van Hoof

Msc Communication Studies (CS)

dr. Alexander van Deursen

MSc Education Science and Technology (EST)

dr. Judith ter Vrugte

BSc Education Science (OWK, only until 2019)

dr. Judith ter Vrugte

BSc Psychology (PSY)

dr. Marcel Pieterse (Chair)

MSc Psychology (MPS)

dr. Matthijs Noordzij

External member


Meeting schedule 

Examination board for Management Sciences (MS)



BSc International Business Administration (IBA)

dr. Raymond Loohuis MBA 

MSc Business Administration (BA)

prof.dr. Tanya Bondarouk (Chair)

BSc Technische Bedrijfskunde (TBK)

dr. Hans Heerkens

MSc Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM)

dr.ir. Marco Schutten

External member


Meeting schedule 

Examination board for Governance Sciences (GS)



BSc European Public Administration (EPA)

dr. Ringo Ossewaarde (Chair)

MSc Public Administration (PA)

dr. Herman Oosterwijk

MSc European Studies (ES)

dr. Kostas Gemenis

BSc Public Governance Across Boarders (PGAB)

dr. Ringo Ossewaarde

Master Risk Management (MRM)

dr. Victoria Daskalova 

Master Public Management (MPM)

dr. Victoria Daskalova 

Master of Environmental and Energy Management (MEEM)

dr. Victoria Daskalova 

External member


Meeting schedule 

Examination board for Interdisciplinairy Sciences (IS)



MSc Leraar VHO Maatschappijleer- en Maatschappijwetenschappen (LVHOM)

dr. Margarita Jeliazkova

MSc Science Education and Communication (SEC)

dr.ir. Henk Pol

MSc Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society (PSTS)

dr. Saskia Nagel (Chair)

dr. Peter Stegmaier

External member


Meeting schedule 

Chamber of chairs

The chairs of the examination boards are joint in the chamber of chairs to discuss items from the several boards and to set quality safeguarding policy. The chamber of chairs meets monthly.  


dr. Marcel Pieterse (BS)

dr. Ringo Ossewaarde (GS)

dr. Saskia Nagel (IS)

dr. Tanya Bondarouk (MS)

Drs. T.L.C. Mulder (secretary, interim)

Meeting schedule