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Duties, composition and meetings of the examination boards

duties and competences

According to the the Dutch Higher Education and Research Act (WHW) each educational programme or group of programmes has an examination board. The examination board is the body that determines whether a student has fulfilled the requirements with regard to knowledge, insight and skills stated in the Education and Examination Regulations (EER) of this university in order to receive a degree in one of the BMS programmes. The examination board has several other duties and competences according to the WHW and the EER. One of these competences is to make exceptions to certain rules in the EER for students, e.g. to grant exemptions, allow free educational programmes and extra exam or test opportunities. To qualify, students can submit a request to the examination board via this website. The examination board also judges cases of fraud (including irregularities and plagiarism) and determines the sanctions. Furthermore, the examination board is commissioned to safeguard the quality of testing and examination. The examination board appoints examiners for administering and grading tests and exams, monitors the relationship between final attainment levels, learning goals and tests, and safeguards the quality of the assessment of theses.

The meetings of the examination boards are held on a regular basis. The dates of these meetings can be found in the yearly schedule.

Four examination boards

The Faculty of BMS has four examination boards, each of which represents a group of specific educational programmes. Each programme is represented by an individual member. The WHW states that at least one member must be appointed that is not associated with one of the programmes represented in the board. The members of each board are listed below.

The examination boards of BMS are supported by the registry.

Examination board for Behavioural Sciences (BS)  



BSc Communication Science (B-COM)

Sikke Jansma MSc

Msc Communication Studies (M-COM)

dr. Joyce Karreman

MSc Educational Science and Technology (EST)

dr. Judith ter Vrugte (chair)

BSc Psychology (PSY)

dr. E.J. de Bruin

MSc Psychology (MPS)

dr. Margôt Kuttschreuter

External member

drs. Martine Hasselman

Examination board for Governance Sciences (GS)



BSc Management, Society & Technology (MS&T)

dr. Victoria Daskalova (Chair)

MSc Public Administration (PA)

dr. Pieter-Jan Klok

MSc European Studies (ES)

dr. Martin Rosema

BSc Public Governance Across Borders (PGAB)

dr. Victoria Daskalova

MSc Risk Management (MRM)

dr. Daniela Craciun

Master Public Management (MPM)

dr. Victoria Daskalova 

MSc of Environmental and Energy Management (MEEM)

dr. Victoria Daskalova 

External member

drs. Martine Hasselman

Examination board for Interdisciplinairy Sciences (IS)



Master Educatie en Communicatie in de Bètawetenschappen (ECB) 

dr. ir. Leontine de Graaf

MSc Educatie in de Mens- en Maatschappijwetenschappen (EMM)

dr. Ingrid Breymann

MSc Leraar VHO in de Mens- en Maatschappijwetenschappen (LMM)

dr. Ingrid Breymann

MSc Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society (PSTS)

dr. Peter Stegmaier (Chair)

dr. Nolan Gertz

External member


Examination board for Management Sciences (MS)



BSc International Business Administration (IBA)

dr.ir. Niels J. Pulles

MSc Business Administration (BA)

dr. Jeroen G. Meijerink (Chair)

BSc Industrial Engineering and Management Science (IEMs)

dr. Devrim Yazan

MSc Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM)

dr. Derya Demirtas

External member


Chamber of chairs

The chairs of the examination boards are joined in the chamber of chairs to discuss items concerning the boards and to determine a BMS examination board wide quality safeguarding policy.  


dr. Jeroen Meijerink (MS) (Chair)

dr. Victoria Daskalova (GS)

dr. Peter Stegmaier (IS)

dr. Judith ter Vrugte (BS)

mr. Karen Wever (executive secretary)