Kim Krijtenburg-Lewerissa graduated in 2006 for her master Applied Physics at the University of Twente on the subject “Methods for magnetic field reconstruction from measurements in a homogeneous magnetic field”. In that same year she graduated for her teacher training as a physics teacher for the upper secondary level. Since 2004 Kim has been teaching physics, natural sciences (ANW) and STEM (Technasium, NLT) at secondary schools, to show students the beauty of physics and its’ importance for current research and technologies.

In 2014 Kim received a grant from The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) to conduct a doctoral research into secondary school students’ understanding of quantum mechanics. Her research focuses on: (1) the determination of which quantum mechanics concepts are important for scientific literacy; (2) an investigation of students’ difficulties students while learning quantum mechanics, and (3) the design of a teachings strategy promoting the understanding of quantum mechanics.


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