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Rilana Prenger

Rilana Prenger, PhD. – Researcher

My background is in Psychology. In 2007, I finished my master thesis with a project about smoking reduction among students in lower secondary education. By means of this thesis, I was introduced to the organization of education. In 2012, I finished by PhD thesis on the subject of cost-effectiveness of behavioral interventions.

Since November 2014, I work as a post doc researcher for the project ‘Data teams’. My research is about the functioning of these teams. What are the effects and what can be done to enhance these effects? What is needed to sustain the products and way of working within the school? Which psychological factors are important for data-based decision making among teachers? Additionally, my research focus is on the effects of networked professional learning communities.

What fascinates me in the project ‘Data teams’ are the challenges that are faced with implementing this scientific approach in a non-scientific working environment. Theory and practice meet, resulting in improved data-based decision making. It is good to see how effective this method is in education.

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