Johanna Ebbeler

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Johanna Ebbeler PhD.

I have been working as a PhD student on the project ‘Datateams’. Cindy Poortman and I carried out a study into the functioning of data teams and which factors influence data-based decision making in schools.

After I had finished the Teacher Training College in 2009, I started studying for a Master’s degree in Educational Science &Technology at the University of Twente. I specialised in Curriculum, Instruction and Media Application. I studied the use of data and which factors influence the use of data in schools in England for my graduate research project. I graduated and started work at the project ‘Datateams’ at the start of 2012.

I find it really interesting to study the ways in which the teams of teachers work in schools, how the schools can encourage the work and how schools can change because of the work that is being done in the teams. Each team has chosen a different angle and I am really interested to see how the different teams will develop over time.

Johanna Ebbeler obtained her PhD on May 12, 2016. Her dissertation is entitled: ‘Implementing Data Use in Schools: Effects on the Professional Development of Educators and the Role of School Leaders in Data Teams’.