Creating a game-based learning platform and Q&A desk for tailored risk communication concerning zoonotic diseases


Adherence to Personal Health Records

Projects to collect, analyze and visualize logdata from real-time usage of Personal Health records (PHRs) and its users to identify usage patterns and to determine user profiles. The profiles will be used to personalize feedback to needs and usage contexts of patients and professionals and to improve (the persuasiveness of) such applications. Furthermore, input will be used to identify how PHRs can be of added value for both patients and professionals in the current healthcare processes.


Big data to personalize healthcare

To better understand how big data impacts society, safety, healthcare and business, and what the critical factors are for using big data to personalize healthcare we investigate A) how to use data from large and complex datasets in an effective, efficient, secure and safe way, B) how the use of big data to personalize healthcare impacts attitudes and behaviors, and C) how to analyze and interpret in a sensible way in order to design real-time, accurate, persuasive and personalized feedback systems.


Quantified Self @ Work


Virtual Coaching & Affective Computing


Think Yoursèlf!

Development of a personalized self-management smart phone application „Think Yoursèlf!” based on Dialectical Behaviour Therapy for young emotional eaters with severe overweight.

The training consists of series of education and instruction modules on mindfulness, emotion regulation and stress tolerance. A personalised virtual coach will guide the user through the different modules. The virtual coach will meet the needs of the user for immediate support. Every time a user is experiencing negative emotions he can connect to the virtual coach to ask questions and start a dialogue. The virtual coach is the very heart of the e-DBT ‘Think Yoursèlf!’ training. It supplies the user with so called dialectical dialogues – providing them with answers to their need for change and to their need for acceptance.



Infection Manager

We develop and implement a platform to prevent and control infections (Germany, The Netherlands, www.Eursafety.eu)


Prevalention App

A system to support registration of infections and antibiotics in nursing homes


Fit for blended care

A tool for supporting therapists and clients in discussing and determining the form of a blended treatment.

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Selection of major Funds Research projects

Long-term projects (PhD, junior researcher projects)

  • Design and evaluation of MGP platform, CZ, VGZ & Medicinfo, 2013-2016 (207.000 €; partner UT/Medicinfo, principal investigator research project)
  • Evaluation of adherence to e-Vita, chronic care platform, Stichting Zorg Binnen Bereik, 2013-2016 (207.000 €; principal investigator, coordinator research project )
  • Evaluation of eConsultation chronic care. PhD project (2006-2010) IBR/UT in collaboration with Medicinfo.nl (80.000 €; partner, principal investigator, coordinator research design eConsultation chronic care).
  • Development and implementation of an online coach for chronic complaints (2007-2011). In collaboration with RIVM (180.000 €; principal investigator, coordinator research design)
  • Domotica (AAL) for dementia (2006-2010). In collaboration with Focus Cura (180.000 € principal investigator, coordinator research design).
  • Eursafety INTERREG IVa (2012-2015) Design and impact of persuasive mobile technology to support prescribing antibiotics, 270.000 €, partner UT/UMCG, principal investigator, research coordinator).
  • Eursafety INTERREG (2010-2014). Design and implementation of a platform to reduce the burden of disease of Healthcare Associated Infections (1,5 mil €; partner UT/UMCG; principal investigator, coordinator research design platform and mobile applications)
  • Euregio MRSA-net Twente/Munsterland (2005-2009). Design web-based portal infection control MRSA for public health and health care professionals (280.000 €; Partner UT/labmicta/University of Munster, principal investigator, coordinator research eHealth)
  • Pieken in de Delta OOST-Nederland DIADERMA, 2010-2011. 
  • Design and implementation of telemedicine for dermatology (170.000 €; co-applicant, principal investigator, coordinator research design)
  • Post Doc-projects
  • Innovatiefonds Zorgverzekeraars, development of screening instrument for online therapy (50.000 €), 2013-2014 Innovatiefonds Zorgverzekeraars, Persuasive Design blended care for Mental Health, 2012 (150.000 €; principal investigator, coordinator research project)
  • Design of a Chronic Care platform MGP (Medicinfo/UT; 0,5fte Post doc 2011-2012 (80.000 €, principal investigator, coordinator research project)
  • RIVM, post doc Persuasive Design Sexual Health platform, SENSE, 2011-2014 (270.000 € partner UT/RIVM, principal investigator, coordinator research project)
  • RIVM, ePublic Health, Persuasive Design mobile health for infection control, post doc 2011-2014, 270.000 €)

Honored projects 2013-2015

  • ePublic Health: an interactive Platform for tailored Risk Communication to prevent non-alimentary Zoonotic Diseases, ZonMw (490.000€)
  • Innovatiefonds Zorgverzekeraars, development of screening instrument for online therapy (50.000 €), 2013-2014
  • Innovatiefonds Zorgverzekeraars, Persuasive Design blended care for Mental Health, 2012 (150.000 €; principal investigator, coordinator research project)
  • NWO-Kiem; Persuasive Design fit for blended care instrument (6000 €)
  • Big Data for personalized Healthcare, (IGS-80.000 €),2015-2017.

New Projects

  • HealthiCare, INTERREG-Va, a Living Lab for creation and implementation of Smart Health Technologies to promote Safe & Healthy Living (1 milj €)
  • Quantified Self for personalized care, (coop UT, Hanze Hogeschool, Menzis, PhD)
  • eHealth to support Forensic Psychiatry, PhD


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