Faculty of Behavioural, Management and Social sciences (BMS)

Handbook Programme COmmittees BMS

Information about legal rights, obligations and practical suggestions for realization for Programme Committee members can be found in the Handbook. The handbook has also additional information on bylaws and processes and examples in annexes.

Programme Committee Posters

About Rights and Obligations and about Support and Improvement, to foster communication in a Lunchmeeting 5 April 2018, click here

OC-Wijzer, LSVB

A Guide for Programme committees as formal participation body, by the National Student Union LSVB. In Dutch language. Click here

ADvice & ConSent On Education & Examination Regulations

The Faculty Council and Programme Committees have complimentary rights for consent and advice on the EER.This tabel is taken form the OC-Wijzer 2017-1 (LSVB). (in Dutch only) Click here 

ESG 2015

European Standard and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area. Click here. 

Degree Programme Committees 2016

An evaluation by the Education Inspectorate, Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, click here. The Dutch version is more extended: Recht van Spreken,  HET FUNCTIONEREN VAN OPLEIDINGSCOMMISSIES IN HET BEKOSTIGD HOGER ONDERWIJS IN 2016. Click here for the Dutch version.