course selection

As an exchange student, you have several options for course selection to choose from. Exchange students can decide to register for 'High Tech, Human Touch' (HTHT) minors, exchange study packages or normal courses.

HTHT Minors

The goal of the HTHT minor packages is to highlight the societal issues for which the University of Twente is developing solutions through state of the art research. The HTHT minor packages are taught in English and open to both exchange students and UT Bachelor students. The packages are worth 15EC (1 quartile minor) or 30EC (1 semester minor)

For an overview of the HTHT minors offered, please click here.

Exchange Study Packages

The Faculty of Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences also offers study packages for exchange students. The packages consist of 15EC (1 quartile packages) or 30EC (1 semester packages).

For an overview of the Exchange study packages, please click here.


Besides the HTHT minors and study packages, exchange students also can pick and choose courses from the English taught programmes offered by the Faculty of Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences. Exchange students may also choose courses from other UT faculties if both faculties agree and only if the student fulfills the entry requirements of the course.

To discuss course possibilies, please contact the Incoming Exchange Team (  


  • Check whether the HTHT minor, exchange package or course you would like to select is offered during your exchange semester.
  • Block 1A and 1B are part of the Fall semester, block 2A and 2B are part of the Spring semester.
  • Check the Academic Calendar for the start- and end dates of the semester.