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Samsung Portable SSD T3 Drive

The Faculty BMS has handed out portable Samsung T3 SSD drives to her employees to use for transportation of all data from place of work (in any case for research data and documents containing personal, privacy-sensitive or UT strategic information, for instance HR or Financial Affairs data).

15-11-2018 Important message: Restore the security of your SSD drive! 
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Faculty demands all Samsung T3 SSD drives to be updated

FAQ’s About the Samsung SSD drive

  • I do not have the Samsung T3 SSD drive yet

    Are you a new (scientific) employee and did you not receive a SSD drive yet, please contact Marcia Clifford via 

  • Samsung T3 Security Enabler within Zenworks does not start

    Sent an e-mail to the LISA service desk;

  • How do I install the Samsung T3 SSD software on a PC WITH Admin rights?

    The drive itself contains the software so you can install the software directly from the Samsung T3 itself.

  • I forgot my password

    Try to remember it; you can only retry 10 times, after that your drive will be blocked and unusable. 

  • I have tried more than 10 times to enter my password but it does not work

    You have to report this to:

  • The Samsung T3 SSD drive does not work on my PC

    Start Zenworks on your PC and Click the Samsung T3 installation procedure. 

  • The Samsung T3 SSD drive does not work on my HOME PC

    On your home PC you should have full Admin rights and should be able to install it. Try a different USB port; if that does not help, you need to reinstall/update Windows.

  • The Samsung T3 SSD drive does not work at all
    • if you have no Admin rights on your PC make sure you install the Samsung T3 Software using Zenworks.
    • if you have Admin rights please try another USB port and Install the software directly from the Samsung T3 drive itself.
  • I already installed the Samsung T3 SSD on my PC; and now I want to use it on another PC

    You need to follow the same procedure as before to install the software. You have to do that on each every new PC you use.

  • I lost my Samsung T3 SSD

    You immediately have to report this to: