BMS - DataLab

  • Only people who are on the signin list (list is in IGS secretariat room RA1438) are allowed into the secure Datalab room.
  • It is strictly forbidden to make phone calls or to take any pictures in the secure Datalab room. So your (Smart) Phone / photo camera needs to be stored in one of the small vaults.
  • Research data that has been taken in to the room (in any form) needs to be:
    - Taken back with you;
    - Stored in the (big) vault;
    - Destroyed using the paper shredder.
  • It is forbidden to store research data on one of the local hard disks. If you need to store data then this must be done on an (encrypted) USB stick. IGS Datalab offers researchers the use of a special highly secure USB stick (Ironkey).
  • This room is not part of the daily cleaning procedure therefore you will not find a garbage bin. We are kindly asking you to take any waste with you and dump it elsewhere.
  • In case of emergencies (like fire alarm) you need to exit the room immediately.