Data Storage

Offline Facilities

IGS Datalab offers various solutions for storing and handling sensitive data, from sharing data with collaborating researchers to securing highly sensitive data in the IGS DataVault.

The secure IGS Datalab room

The IGS Datalab room is no longer available.


We have personal lockers to put in any personal belongings like a phone. They will be moved to a new location in Cubicus near the new labs.

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IGS DataVault

IGS Datalab offers a safe environment for both respondents and researchers for (the handling of) data by providing offline facilities that allow researchers to handle sensitive information (including personal details of the highest risk level). 

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Datasets containing personal data which have to comply with the Dutch Data Protection Act should not be uploaded to DDN. These data can be stored in the safe environment provided by IGS-datalab.

IronKey USB drives

IGS Datalab has a number of encrypted USB sticks available for researchers to securely store and carry research data. Data can be stored password protected and encrypted. Sensitive data needs to be stored on a USB stick and not on the PC. A USB stick can be borrowed for the entire duration of the project and can be taken home or stored in the vault after leaving the room. Upon completing the project, the USB stick must be given back to us.


  • Office 2010
  • QSR Nvivo
  • IBM Spss Statistics
  • Stata 13