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LimeSurvey user manuals

LimeSurvey is a powerful and versatile survey system. To a new user, it can seem overwhelming. The short manuals on this site will help you deal with some common situations, and should get you on the road to using LimeSurvey efficiently and effectively.

If you are completely new to LimeSurvey you might want to read and/or watch the first few manuals before you start, or, if you are feeling confident, you can dive right in and use this page as a reference. If the manuals here do not answer your question(s), more detailed manuals can be found on the website, here.

Warning: This page, and all the other pages in the manuals section are based on a slightly older version of LimeSurvey. The current software may differ in some respects, but not by much. If you find something has changed, or a topic you want to know more about is not available, visit the official wiki and forums for more information. They can be found at Alternatively, you can also contact the LimeSurvey team at

Your first LimeSurvey login

A quick introduction to the LimeSurvey interface, and some instructions on changing your password.
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Creating a survey

The basics of LimeSurvey, this manual guides you through the steps of creating a very simple survey.
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Question Types

A more in-depth explanation of several common question types.
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Access control

How to limit access to a select group of people, and how to import a list of participants to LimeSurvey.
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Some information on making your survey anonymous.
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How to set up basic and advanced routing.
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An introduction into tailoring your survey based on participant info and previous answers.
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Getting data

How to activate a survey, and get the data from LimeSurvey onto your computer.
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