LimeSurvey Manuals

First Login

You have requested and have been granted an account for the survey server and are looking to start creating your online survey. First, you will need to log in to the University of Twente survey server here, or follow the link in the e-mail notification you received from

Set a password

Once you are logged in, you will see a largely blank screen, with some options at the top like the image below. The first thing you will likely want to do is set a new password, one that is secure yet easier to remember.

Press the key button on the top left to show some details of your account. You can press the little pencil icon to the left of your details to change them, with the exception of your username.

Note that accounts are understood as researcher accounts for a particular project on the survey server, not those of participants. For more information about limiting access for participants, see the access control section.

Home screen

This is the main view, the top menu bar will always be there while you are working in LimeSurvey, and it has some basic options. On the left side, you can click the home icon to go back here at any time and close any surveys and questions you may have opened. The key icon allows you to change your name, email and password, the group and key icon allows you to see and change info for the group you are in (groups are used only for projects with multiple researchers/students, and will likely be empty), the survey icon shows a list of your surveys and some basic statistics, this will probably be empty as well, until you create a survey. On the right side of the main menu bar, there is a dropdown menu where you can open your surveys, a new survey button to create new surveys, a logout button, and a help button taking you to the LimeSurvey website, where you can find a comprehensive manual and support forums.