Data Collection

Mobile App Workgroup

The Mobile App Workgroup consists of staff from several departments of the University of Twente. The goal of the group meetings is to further develop the interface between the survey server and the mobile App. The interface enables the collection of (survey)data via mobile devices. The user group tries to meet monthly. The location of the meetings varies, sometimes the meeting takes place during the workday at the UT-Campus. If you like to join the group please contact Hester Trompetter ( of the Department of Psychology, Health and Technology.

About the system

System design by Hester Trompetter, Frank Borgonjen and Sjoerd van Tongeren. First software implementation and App development by Frank Borgonjen. System is built on Lime Survey, software exploits will be published at under GNU license when available. System integration and development by Sjoerd van Tongeren. Research implementation and question design management by Hester Trompetter.