Juliane Schillinger, PhD candidate

Email: j.m.schillinger@utwente.nl
Phone: +31(0)6 15125962

Juliane Schillinger is a PhD candidate with the Department of Governance and Technology for Sustainability at the University of Twente on the Netherlands. She holds an M.Sc. in International Land and Water Management from Wageningen University in the Netherlands, and a B.Sc. in Environmental Sciences and Ecohydrology from Freiburg University in Germany.

Juliane’s expertise includes issues of transboundary water management and water diplomacy in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, where she worked with government actors, civil society and international organisations. She is also member of the World Youth Parliament for Water, a global network advocating the stronger involvement of youth actors in the water sector, where she specialises on the intersection of water and peace.

Juliane’s PhD research focuses on the conditions of local water management projects in conflict regions of the Middle East and North Africa. It pays specific attention to the governance conditions on different scales and to changes in the contextual settings over the course of the conflict lifecycle. Over the course of her PhD research, Juliane is partially funded by the Heinrich Böll Foundation.

Expertise and research interESTS:

  • Local water management
  • Conflict research
  • Contextual analysis
  • Water diplomacy