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Dr. Nthabiseng Mohlakoana

Personal profile
Nthabi Mohlakoana PhD
Postdoctoral researcher

Nthabi is employed by the Department of Governance and Technology for Sustainability (CSTM) at the University of Twente as a Post-Doctoral Researcher. She joined CSTM in 2010 to work on her PhD project titled: “Implementing the South African Free Basic Alternative Energy Policy: A Dynamic Actor Interaction” which she completed and defended in December 2014. She is currently coordinating a multi-partner project on Productive Uses of Energy in South Africa, Senegal and Rwanda under the DFID funded ENERGIA Gender and Energy Research Programme.

Her other tasks at CSTM include supervision of Bachelor and Masters students’ projects as well some lecturing. Nthabi has more than 15 years of research experience in the area of energy poverty and development as well as in gender and energy research.

Throughout her career, Nthabi’s work has mainly focused on research that influences policy to provide low-income households and communities in developing countries with better energy access while taking gender issues into consideration.

Building number 10 Ravelijn
Room: RA 1129
Telephone: + 31 53 489 6593

Expertise and Research Interests

  • Gender and energy research
  • Energy mainstreaming in energy policy
  • Analysis of energy policy implementation processes
  • Energy and development research

Publications and selected presentations

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