Senior staff

Renée Dekker LL.M.

Building number 10 Ravelijn
Room: RA 1129
Telephone: + 31 53 489 4377
Secretary: Barbera van Dalm

Renée Dekker is a lecturer/researcher in Health Law at the Department of Governance & Technology for Sustainability, the School of Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences (BMS). She holds a Master’s degree in Health Law from the University of Amsterdam.

As a secondary activity she is a guest lecturer in Health Law for specialized nurses in training at the Erasmus MC and she works as an (independent) consultant. Mostly with a focus on assignments related to current (and future) job changes that healthcare employees have to face. Due to technological innovation and other changes in the healthcare market.

Technology in healthcare is evolving rapidly. For this reason, from the Dutch Health Law point of view, she has the ambition to make a contribution to these developments by doing a PhD research. 

Teaching Activities

Bachelor Program


Technical medicine

Health Law

Biomedical engineering

Health Law

Health sciences

Health Law

Expertise and Research interests:

  • Health Law
  • Laws and regulations related to technology in healthcare
  • Privacy Law
  • Innovation and technology


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  • R.C. Dekker, “Het Nederlandse zorgstelsel in transitie”, GZRupdates 2015, nr. 14.
  • R.C. Dekker, M. van Lopik & A. Zijlstra, “Euthanasie bij psychiatrische patiënten”, P&G 2015, nr. 2, p. 24-33.