Michel Filart, PhD candidate

Phone: +31 (0)548 618494 / +31 (0)6 42417095
Email: Michel.filart@gmail.com

Michel Filart is a working on a PhD-thesis on the opportunities the new Dutch Environment & Planning Act (Omgevingswet) offers for sustainable development. Michel’s research is supervised by the CSTM, the Department of Governance and Technology for Sustainability of the University of Twente. His research is accompanied and supported by a commission of: the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, the Association of the Provinces of the Netherlands, the Association of Dutch Municipalities and the Dutch Union of Water Boards. Michel initiated the research privately out of his consultancy bureau Improofit MVO-Consult after obtaining his Master’s degree on Environmental Law.

Before starting his PhD-research, Michel has had a professional career for nearly 20 years as a consultant for rural development projects and as a municipal policy advisor and project manager. In 1995 he obtained his master’s degree on Human Geography at the University of Utrecht.

Michel has extensive profession experience in the fields of environmental planning and research. He coordinated and executed a wide range of policy studies on spatial (re)development and managed contracting, consultation, political administrative coordination and civil consultation of civil projects. Highlights of Michel’s work are: strategy development for invitational planning; editor of strategic multiannual policy plans for environmental protection and energy and climate policy; management of groundwater (aquifer) remediation; mainstreaming and municipal coordination of infrastructural projects; wind energy location studies; optimizing studies for use of solar energy, noise protection and air quality protection; feasibility studies for among others thermal groundwater use, helophyte filtering; location studies for i.e. houseboats, drug addicts reception centre; climate quality control in combination with energy saving for school buildings (national Energy Award nomination 2002).

Expertise and Research Interests

  • Environmental law
  • Legal sociology
  • Human geography
  • Philosophy
  • Systems theory
  • Sustainable development

Selected publications 

  • Filart, J.E.M., De omgevingswet zet een speelveld uit voor duurzame ontwikkeling, maar waar staan de piketpalen, Tijdschrift voor Omgevingsrecht,2, 2015, pp. 66- 75.
  • Filart, J.E.M., Zie ginds de Omgevingswet, worden onze wensen duurzaam vervuld? Eindpaper masteropleiding Omgevingsrecht, 2014, www. Improofit.com