Dr. Nthabiseng Mohlakoana

 Email: n.mohlakoana@utwente.nl  / nmkaxulu@gmail.com

Nthabiseng Mohlakoana holds a Doctorate in Innovation and Governance for Sustainable Development from the University of Twente’s Department of Governance and Technology for Sustainability (CSTM). Her PhD research study focused on analysing the implementation process of the Free Basic Alternative Energy (FBAE) policy by local municipalities in the rural areas of the Eastern Cape, South Africa. She has more than 15 years of experience in research focusing on energy access and use, gender and development in the low-income urban and rural areas, mainly in Southern Africa. Most of her research in recent years emphasizes the importance of gender equality in planning and implementation of energy and other basic services interventions dictated by policies. Her work aims at finding solutions that address and lead to the eradication of energy poverty experienced by women and men in low-income urban and rural areas in the global south. She also has experience in various methods of applying a gender lens and using different gender approaches in the energy sector concerning households and livelihoods as well as gender mainstreaming of energy projects and programs.

From 2015-2018 she was a Researcher and Project Coordinator at CSTM on a multiple-partner project titled: ‘Productive Uses of Energy and Gender in the Informal Food Sector’ with a focus on three African countries namely Rwanda, Senegal and South Africa.

Her affiliation to CSTM includes student supervision and writing collaborations with senior research staff.

Expertise and Research interests:

  • Household energy policy
  • Gender and Energy Research
  • Productive Uses of Energy
  • Governance and Policy implementation