Dr. Mansi Jain

Email: m.jain-1@utwente.nl

I earned my doctorate from University of Twente, the Netherlands in June 2018. I specialize in Innovation and Governance for Sustainable Development with my research topic as- “Energy transitions in the Indian building sector – assessing niche development of Net Zero Energy Buildings”. The study assesses innovation and governance of energy transitions in urban settings in India and compares the transition process with low energy buildings in Singapore, playing close attention to institutions, actor and their networks, learning process, market demand creation and expectations. I specialize in conducting evidence-based research to provide advisory to the policy makers and decision making bodies towards sustainable transitions in urban built environment. 

In my previous experience  i have provided policy advocacy and consulting to government institutions, municipal bodies and various stakeholders towards sustainability transitions in the built environment in India. I have managed and implemented range of advocacy projects funded by agencies such as UNDP, USAID, KfW, DFID, UN-Women and UNIDO etc. These assignments include advocacy on energy efficiency in buildings, uptake of net zero energy buildings (NZEBs),energy efficiency finance, energy access of low income communities, and energy- water- gender nexus approach. I also specialize in urban sustainability by being involved in Smart Cities Mission in India emphasizing on circular economy and sustainable management of resources within cities. As part of a UNIDO program on “Sustainable Cities: Integrated pilot approach”, I was involved in accounting of GHG emissions of five cities in India and supported municipalities in developing sustainable, and low carbon growth strategies. 


  • Energy Transitions
  • Governance
  • Niche Management
  • Innovations

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