Dr. Shaheen Abdulkareem

Personal profile
Shaheen A. Andulkareem Dr.

Country: Iraq-Kurdistan region

PhD candidate (cooperation between UT and University of Duhok-Iraq)

I am assistant teacher in University of Duhok, department of Computer Science. I had my MSc in Geoinformatics from ITC-UT in 2010. My Bachelor’s degree is on computer science.

Before starting my PhD, I was teaching Artificial Intelligence (AI) for undergraduates. It is great thing to make software or a machine think and act like human. People become lazy to do things so let the computer do it on behalf.

I like reading and reflect it on reality keeping my mind busy with finding connections between different aspects to make my conclusion about life. “correctly” but not away from the tradition and native culture, and what Allah chose for us.

Traveling helped me to have a good experience and I learnt that everywhere you may find good and bad people and this has no relation with their nationality or religion or even belief. Traveling opened my eyes and mind about so many things. The world is nice just because of its diversity and colors so I have to accept it.



  • Dr. Tatiana Filatova (UT), Ms. Ellen-Wien Augustijn (ITC), Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abdulkhaliq (UoD)

Expertise and Research Interests

  • Agent-based modeling and Machine learning Algorithms