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Kees van Ginkel in Indonesia

Personal story: Kees van Ginkel in Bandung

My 5-month stay in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia was probably the most exciting period of my whole life! I combined my B-thesis with the Minor Fieldwork, and studied the water quality of the Bandung Basin and the stakeholders involved in the water quality monitoring. I worked for a Dutch research institute (Deltares) and the Indonesian Environmental Protection Agency (BPLHD). For me, the combination of minor and B-thesis was perfect: I learned about working as a Dutch consultant in a Developing Country on one hand, on the other hand I worked closely together with local people. I really liked doing fieldwork: literally collecting water quality data in the field, but also interviewing many stakeholders. It gave me more insight in the water sector and also gave me a lot of practical field experience. Check my videoblog on Youtube! (De Bandung Case 3 is the best video).