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Centre for the Study of Democracy (CSD) – Members (January 2020)



Prof. dr. Marcel Boogers

Innovation and regional governance, local democracy and politics (Inaugural lecture, 2013)

Chief Editor of Bestuurswetenschappen

Prof. dr. Bas Denters

Local and regional governance, urban policy, local democracy

Editor of Bestuurswetenschappen

Dr. Shawn Donnelly

Politics of economic policy, especially regulation, monetary, structural adjustment and innovation policy, European and global institutions

Dr. Minna van Gerven-Haanpaa

European social policy and governance, comparative welfare state analysis (Dissertation, 2008)

Prof. dr. Michiel Heldeweg

Legal aspects of public governance and public regulation, especially in the areas of environment and energy, telecommunication and public safety (Inaugural lecture, 2009)


Dr. Giedo Jansen

Political sociology, voting behaviour and electoral research, social stratification research, industrial and labour relations, self-employment (Dissertation, 2011)

Dr. Veronica Junjan

Public administration reform, decision-making in the public sector, performance management, circulatory migration and local governmnent in Europe

Dr. Harry van der Kaap

Poltitical representation, research methods and statistics 

Dr. Pieter-Jan Klok

Policy analysis, local governance, citizen participation

Dr. Henk van der Kolk

Electoral systems, voting behaviour, citizen participation, local politics, research methods

Dr. Claudio Matera

Justice and Home Affairs law of the EU, the law of EU external relations, EU citizenship, free movement of persons and EU institutional law

Dr. Guus Meershoek 

Modern policing, safety governance and the history of the Dutch police


Prof. dr. Ariana Need

Old and new political cleavages, social change (Inaugural lecture, 2010)

Dr. Ringo Ossewaarde

Self-government, citizenship, liberalism and conservatism, sovereignty

Dr. Martin Rosema

Voting behaviour, local referendums, political psychology, online vote selectors (Dissertation, 2004

Dr. Joergen Svensson 

Informatization and public administration, organization and institutional redesign in a variety of fields, equality and equal treatment 


Prof. dr. Jacques Thomassen

Democratic theory, democratic values, political representation, EU politics (Farewell lecture, 2010)

Prof. dr. René Torenvlied

Public management, networks and performance in the public sector; collective decision-making and policy implementation

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