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Jansma, S.R. (Sikke)


Availability: Mo . / Tu. / We. / Thu. / Fri.
Office: Cubicus, kamer C 212
Telephone: +31 53 – 489 3299 (secretary)

e-mail: s.r.jansma@utwente.nl

Dutch profile


  • Political communication
  • International relations
  • Discourse analysis
  • Academic writing and presentation skills


  • Academic skills CS
  • Academic skills PSY
  • Supervisor BSc and premaster assignments


Sikke Jansma has expertise in Communication Science and Political Science. He has graduated on the democratic transition in Egypt, with a focus on political Islam. Sikke is interested in the role of new media in the public debate and political processes. Before his appointment as a teacher at Twente University, he worked as a communications consultant and a campaigner for a political party.