Cognitive Psychology & Ergonomics

The UX-Factor Foundation

Who we are..

Whether you are a student, alumni or working for a UX/HFE-related company, the UX-Factor Foundation

can be interesting for you! The foundation was founded by a group of enthusiastic students, alumni and employees of the department ‘Cognitive Psychology and Ergonomics’ at the University of Twente. Our common background is the Master in Psychology with the specialization ‘Human Factors and Engineering Psychology’ at the University of Twente in Enschede, the Netherlands.

What we’re doing..

The foundation was founded with the aim to bridging the gap between the academic world, where our students and alumni come from, and the business world on the other hand. In particular, we heighten the awareness and importance of the User Experience (UX) in the design and development process in all kinds of technical systems. At this juncture, we also help companies to get in contact with potential employers and interns and vica versa. By means of that, we currently realizing an online platform for students and alumni to learn from each other, for instance, about their experiences with job search to extend their professional networks.

Moreover, we want to support students to improve their UX/HFE skills related to practice. Therefore, our mission is to enable an exchange between UX interested parties in an environment which stimulates discussions related to practice. User Experience Workshops are offered to extend the knowledge and improve the skills of students and alumni. At meetings, companies also have the chance to consider problems that are encountered by their customers.

In previous meetings at the software company GoalGorilla in Enschede, we successfully hosted two workshops together with students, alumni and lecturers at the ‘derde verdieping’ ( During the first event, for instance, we ‘ve discussed and brainstormed about contents that need to be addressed in future. Have a look at the pictures made during the first event.

In summary, students and alumni can..

Companies on the other hand can..

What we’re looking for..

We are always looking for volunteers and board member candidates who would like to contribute to the foundation. For instance, you can support the UX-Factor Foundation with the organization of events or help with the development of our website. On the other hand, we are looking for companies who want to support the foundation by sharing their knowledge during workshops or providing a space for meetings and events. As a young foundation we rely on donations and sponsorships to keep alive and extend the activities of the foundation. At this juncture or regarding more general questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We‘re looking forward to everyone who want to contribute and stimulate the activities of the UX-Factor Foundation!

Contact us!

Facebook: UX-Factor Foundation
Board members: Florence Lehnert (Chairman), Isabel Moning (Secretary), Svenja Polst (Treasurer)
Co-founders & Volunteers: Lars Nijboer, Lisanne Teekens, Luc Derikx, Dorina Kamp

KVK number: 64714632
IBAN: NL27 ING 0007 1575 52