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‘Human Factors and Engineering Psychology’

Master specialization Psychology

Human Factors and Engineering Psychology (HFE) is the science that focuses on the intersection of behavior, cognition, technology and virtual environment. The core element of this master is the interaction between people and technology.

As a human factor expert, our students work together in interdisciplinary teams within large international companies where they apply their knowledge of 'human computer interaction', 'resilience engineering’ and ‘usability testing’. They investigate, for example, the usability of websites and applications and how to fit the requirements of a user to the operation of a system. Moreover, they use and implement psychological tests to predict and assess the human performance.

Starting 2014 the internship is an obligatory element of the master curriculum. The main objective is to create practical and innovative solutions, for existing and new technologies, from the human factors perspective.

Are you interested in offering an internship or graduation project? Please contact:

Marlise Westerhof
Internship coordinator
+31 (0)53 489 5867

For additional information about the associated department see: http://www.utwente.nl/bms/cpe/

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