Technical Cognition

Technical Cognition

Metaphors and creativity-van der Velde / Rataj / Nazareth

Master project / stage project / bachelor project.


Title: Metaphors and creativity


Project description

This project studies the relation between metaphors in language and creativity, as part of a European research project on human and computational creativity. The main question is whether people process and evaluate linguistic metaphors in the same way or differently compared to regular linguistic expressions. The work will consist of the development and testing of the stimulus material used in the experiments (consisting of metaphors and regular short sentences), conducting EEG experiments to investigate brain activation related to processing metaphors, and the evaluation and processing of the responses made by the subjects. Your work will consist of a selection or combination of these tasks, depending on ability and ambition.


Begeleiders: Prof.dr. Frank van der Velde; Dr. Karolina Rataj; Deniece Nazareth, Msc