Technical Cognition

Technical Cognition

Creativity- Van der Velde


Master thesis Technological Cognition – Creativity

Supervisor: Prof. dr. Frank van der Velde

Research into computer- or human creativity is the theme of the recently started EU research project Concept Creation Technology, which the CPE department is participating in. The research is focused on creativity in computers and human beings.

Within the project, work is being done on computer systems that display more creativity in generating and applying new concepts. Next to this, it is being examined how these processes develop in humans. This is being done through experiments in which individuals are being challenged to produce creative results (for example creative solutions to given problems). For this research, a number of experimental paradigms have been developed in literature. How to judge creativity is also being researched. The question is whether we can find methods to determine whether certain behaviors or results are more creative than others. Methods have been developed for this in literature, mostly on the basis of questionnaires, but there is still a lot of uncertainty concerning the question whether these methods are any good.

The master thesis mostly focus on the latter two research questions: the experimental research into creativity and the assessment of creativity. This may include the translation of English experimental paradigms or assessment methods into Dutch. The question here is whether this translation is possible, given the differences between these languages, or that larger adaptations are needed. Also, new paradigms and assessment methods (e.g. card sorting) can be developed and tested. It is also possible to conduct an EEG study into the neural basis for creativity. Students that wish to be considered for this research have to have knowledge of developing EEG studies and the analysis of EEG data.


Contact the supervisor: prof.dr. Frank van der Velde.